401Concerts 18 Jan Brandts Buys Festival • Pianorecital

BAnnerPianoJan ten Bokum, Pieter Dhoore, reinild Mees, René Rakier (pianisten)
TICKETS euro 21,50

On Saturday evening 22 September (7 PM) all four festival pianists Jan ten Bokum, Pieter Dhoore, Reinild Mees and René Rakier bring a rich bouquet of Brandts Buys's piano music, from the early 'Impromptu' (composed in Zutphen 1888) up to the  'Walz in Bes on the letters ABB [Alma Brandts Buys]’ from 1921. Since our four pianists are all strong personalities with distinct views on how this music should be played, they will no doubt inspire and fuel each other during the concert.

JBB - ‘Impromptu’ (1888, Zutphen) (RM)
JBB - Pianosonate in b-klein I. ‘Allegro’ (ca. 1891) (PD)
JBB - Pianosonate in b-klein II. ‘Romance’ (1891) [JtB]
JBB - Pianosonate in b-klein III. ‘Tarantella’ (ca. 1891) (RR)
JBB - ‘Rheinsage’ uit Drei Klavierstucke opus 9 (1893) [JtB]
JBB - ‘Trost im Leid’ uit Fünf Klavierstücke opus 11 (1897) [JtB]
JBB - ‘Tänze und Weisen’ opus 17 nr. 2 (ca. 1900) [JtB]
JBB - ‘Tänze und Weisen’ opus 17 nr. 7 (ca. 1900) [JtB]
JBB - Drei Klavierstücke Op. 29 Deel I Allegro can brio • II • III Behaglich (1911) (RR)
JBB - 'Albumblatt op de letters AR' (ca. 1912) [RM]
JBB - ‘Liebliche Grazie op de latters ABB’ (1912) [JtB]
JBB - ‘Walz in Bes op de letters ABB’ (1921) [JtB]
JBB - SCHNEIDER VON SCHÖNAU ‘Potpourri’, samengesteld door F. Rebay (1916) (RR)
JBB - Ave Samobor (1913) (PD)